DHOL Spice Mix & Me

Cooking should be simple, enjoyable and memorable.

  • Raised on Long Island, New York, I was fortunate to grow up surrounded by extended family, turning every gathering into a festive celebration. As a first-generation Indian American and the only child in my family, I soaked in a rich tapestry of stories and traditions. The vibrant tales of my relatives' childhood meals in India, the diverse flavors of their favorite dishes, and the intricate spice palettes that transformed each bite lingered in my memory.

    The love my family shared for savoring delicious meals and the joy of sharing those moments with loved ones captivated me. In the 80s, recreating authentic Indian dishes at home posed challenges due to the limited availability of ingredients. However, times have changed, and today, I strive to recreate the culinary delights of my upbringing in South Orange, NJ.

    Having been a sous chef to "expert cooks" in our family kitchen, I deeply appreciate the time and skill invested in crafting aromatic Indian dishes. Understanding that certain shortcuts compromise the essence of a truly wonderful meal, I recognize that the art of cooking can be demanding in our fast-paced lives. I firmly believe that cooking is a fundamental life skill, an experience that should be both simple and enjoyable.

    Driven by this belief, I founded DHOL Spice Mix with a straightforward idea – cooking delicious food should be simple, enjoyable, and memorable. I have curated variations of the dishes from my childhood, making it easy to prepare North Indian-style cuisine at home using ingredients readily available at your local grocery store. The DHOL Spice Mix packs are meticulously measured and pre-blended, eliminating guesswork and simplifying the cooking process.

    I invite you to try my products and infuse your home with the lively aromas of North Indian cooking. Let DHOL Spice Mix be your partner in creating delightful memories through the joy of flavorful, homemade meals.