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Sweet Treats with DHOL Chai Spice

By Renu Mittal

Aaah...the irresistible allure of delectable guilty pleasures – the kind that only cupcakes and buttercream frosting can deliver! Among the many scrumptious creations born from my culinary adventures, one standout is the enchanting use of DHOL Chai Spice. The captivating blend of beautiful and aromatic spices in DHOL Chai Spice rivals the ubiquity of pumpkin spice that dominates the fall season.

Imagine sinking your teeth into a red velvet cake adorned with a chai buttercream frosting, all thanks to the magic of DHOL Chai Spice. While this delectable delight started as a homemade masterpiece, a local baker took it to the next level by crafting mini chai cupcakes and chai buttercream frosting using DHOL Chai Spice – an absolute hit!

For these beauties, I added about 3 tsp of DHOL Chai Spice right into the the buttercream frosting as it whipped to fluffy heights! You can of course add more or less depending on the flavor you're looking for.  

But the adventure doesn't end there. Picture DHOL Chai Spice sugar cookies, created by the same talented baker, becoming the talk of the town during the holiday season. These treats promise a symphony of flavors that captivate taste buds and leave a lasting impression. Explore the magic of DHOL Chai Spice in your desserts and discover the irresistible joy it brings to every bite.


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