Culinary Collab - DHOL Spice Mix

Culinary Collab

By Renu Mittal

In January, DHOL Spice Mix teamed up with the culinary maestro, Chef Nicolle from Love & Plates in NJ. Chef Nicolle is renowned for crafting wholesome and delectable meals, catering to both families and grand events. Having had the pleasure of savoring her creations, I can attest that the flavors are consistently exceptional!

During our collaboration, Chef Nicolle graciously shared a slice of her expertly cooked roast, and it was an absolute symphony of taste and delight. My taste buds couldn't help but sing and dance in joy – just like the magic of a DHOL!

We decided to collaborate on a cullinary adventure, where I cooked a delectable Fish Curry utilizing my exclusive DHOL Spice Mix pack. The result? A culinary masterpiece that not only had taste buds waltzing with delight but also earned resounding applause and rave reviews!





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